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Night shot of BirdNest - My Wild Holm - Off Grid Wilderness Living on a Private Island

Our tiny cabin build has been an adventure all on its own!

As far as builders go… what Ryan lacks in actual expertise is more than made up for by sheer enthusiasm. The good news is that any mistakes made during this build will serve as learning experiences to be used for the main cabin.

This tiny cabin was built out of necessity – we needed to get out of the weather… in a hurry!

With limited time, we decided that the important design elements required:

  • Shelter and warmth from the weather
  • Small, with enough room to house or bed, a desk and a small food prep area
  • Big bright windows

We didn’t want to build a log cabin, because it would take far too long and would require continuous upkeep. Besides, log cabins require specialized knowledge that we just don’t have.

If any of you have seen some really nice or different looking cabins, be sure to leave a link in the comments below so we can check then out too!

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