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Season 1 Trailer – Check this out to see what to expect in Season One!
S1 Episode 30- YAY!! Our roof is finally on! We are sooo relieved to be warm and dry…
S1 Episode 29 – Off grid Doodoo is a serious issue… Discover the benefits of incineration
S1 Episode 28 – Our antique stove is back from refurb – you won’t believe the results!!
S1 Episode 27 – Uh Oh… the water is too shallow to return the excavator… now what??
S1 Episode 26 – Our first night in the cabin is a COLD one!
S1 Episode 25 – Ryan builds the cabin while Melodi goes fishing!
S1 Episode 24 – Melodi runs the excavator to clear space for the shop
S1 Episode 23 – Space cleared for the Shop. Join our birthday barge fishing party on the barge!
S1 Episode 22 – Fun on, and apparently “in” the water… Oh, and Opal bites uncle Kent!
S1 Episode 21 – Family to the Rescue! Our relates include a pro faller and machine operator
S1 Episode 20 – Well, I suppose that’s ONE way to move a building…
S1 Episode 19 – We officially start our tiny cabin build… so exciting
S1 Episode 18 – When our barge ‘almost’ became a submarine
S1 Episode 17 – Returning to the island – to a BIG problem
S1 Episode 16 – Preparing a safer shelter
S1 Episode 15 – Hauling big stuff to the island
S1 Episode 14 – Land clearing begins!
S1 Episode 13 – We did it!! We finally launch the barge
S1 Episode 12 – See Melodi fishing, it’s hilarious!
S1 Episode 11 – Watch Melodi repaint the barge in her hazmat suit!
S1 Episode 10 – Almost back to the island, but we get SERIOUSLY stuck!
S1 Episode 9 – Ugh! Another inspection… seriously?
S1 Episode 8 – Blown trailer tire during a rainstorm at hwy speed!
S1 Episode 7 – We try loading the barge onto the transport trailer
S1 Episode 6 – We finally get to see our barge!
S1 Episode 5 – Who knew wood stoves were so cool?
S1 Episode 4 – We have our own island… now what?
S1 Episode 3 – We found abandoned cabins!
S1 Episode 2 – Our first trip to the island… What a total surprise!
S1 Episode 1 – So why are we doing this?