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Our Video Library – Season Two

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S2 Episode 29 – The barge was listing badly, so we looked inside and found a huge amount of water inside the hull!!
S2 Episode 28 – Insulating the walls and finally getting a proper fridge. No more bad cheese and warm milk!
S2 Episode 27 – We are on day TWO of trying to get Pepper out of the mud. It seems everything we try only makes things worse…
S2 Episode 26 – Pepper is stuck super bad. If we don’t get him out, we’ll have to leave him there over the winter.
S2 Episode 25 –Pepper needs to be rescued, but we decide to go fishing instead!
S2 Episode 24 – Ryan falls a big tree – sort of… and Pepper gets stuck (BIG TIME!)
S2 Episode 23 – FINALLY!! We have Solar Power — and it’s wonderful!
S2 Episode 22 – Assembling the bits and pieces of our Solar Power System
S2 Episode 21 – Oh No! A BIG Tree Breaks and Falls Too Close for Comfort!
S2 Episode 20 – How to Find the Best Angle for Solar Panels
S2 Episode 18 – Finding a Place to Set Up Our Solar Panels
S2 Episode 18 – Finding a Place to Set Up Our Solar Panels
S2 Episode 17 – What a DIFFERENCE Insulation makes to our Tiny Cabin!!
S2 Episode 16 – Continuing with Our Tiny Cabin Build
S2 Episode 15 – Wiring our Tiny Off Grid Cabin in the Woods
S2 Episode 14 – Continuing with Off Grid Homestead Build
S2 Episode 13 – A High Level Look at Our Island Showing What We’ve Done So Far
S2 Episode 12 – Uh Oh… Ryan Wrecks the Truck – AGAIN!
S2 Episode 11 – We Build a Shelter in the Woods – Simple and Perfect!
S2 Episode 10 – Outsmarting Wildfires… Melodi Catches a HUGE Trout!
S2 Episode 9 – Building and Off Grid Bathroom – from Tool Shed to Wilderness Oasis
S2 Episode 8 – Bringing Life to a Deserted Island
S2 Episode 7 – Moving Solar Panels to Our Island Homestead
S2 Episode 6 – Stranded Part 2
S2 Episode 5 – Stranded On Our Wilderness Island – Part 1
S2 Episode 4 – HUGE Window Wall for Tiny Cabin
S2 Episode 3 – Hard Lessons on our Kubota SVL75-3
S2 Episode 2 – NINE Windows for this TINY Cabin!
S2 Episode 1 – Meet “Pepper”, Our Homestead Island Hero